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Day Trip Through Kunming

Want to spend an active day in Kunming? Here is our recommendation for you including sightseeing, shopping and night life. 5 places in Kunming you shouldn't miss.


1. Early Morning: Green Lake Park

Being located in Kunming's city center, the Green Lake is one of the most visited parks in town. At the Green Lake visitors can watch local life such as morning exercising with dancing performances as well as small music shows. During winter months, the red-beaked seagulls from Siberia enjoy the relatively mild climate in and around Spring City. Conveniently accessible to dozens of breakfast booths, cafes, shops and tea houses, the park is very close to the beautiful Yunnan University with its old trees, the History Museum of Yunnan Military School and the Yuantong Buddhist Temple.


2. Morning at Haigeng Park

At the banks of the Dianchi Lake, Haigeng Park offers a nice view up to the Western Hills. Also here, the Siberean seagulls are all around in winter and offer a great nature attraction for young and old. In the summer time, you will as well find lots of people doing barbecue here, it's a nice spot to get to know more about local people's life. At the north side of the park you can find the Yunnan Ethnic Villages Park and the Yunnan Nationalities Museum.


3. Spend Noon at Dongsi Street & Pagodas

Not far from the large pedestrian area around Nanping Street, Flower & Bird Market as well as the Old Quarter of Kunming one of the must-visits is Dongsi Street with the East and West Pagodas. The West Pagoda's surroundings are more livelier while the East Pagoda was rebuilt in the 19th century after either a Muslim revolt or an earthquake (foreign and Chinese sources conflict). There's a photogenic atmosphere around both of them, with elder people getting haircuts, slurping tea and playing their endless majiang games.


4. Your Afternoon at Cha Street

The Cha Street is known for the Chajie Flower Market. Sites nearby include the Kunming City Museum and the Zhenqing Taoist Temple down Tuodong Road. Every day, lots of people come here to buy fresh cut flowers. It is an interesting atmosphere in the middle of sweet flower fragrance which will leed you there in case you're lost.


5. Spend your evening and night at Wenhua Alley

End your day again in Kunming's city center. The area around Wenhua Alley and adjacent Wenlin Street just north of the Green Lake is highlighted by boutique stores, loads of bars and restaurants with all sorts of international cuisine. It is famous for its night life and its lifely crowds of mostly young visitors. We hope you find your way back home afterwards!