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China's Peak Seasons

When you are visiting China, you should avoid travelling during the major public holidays. Many Chinese people use the holidays around Spring Festival, First of May and especially the Golden Week to travel through the country. Avoid the crowds, busy traffic and queues or play it safe and stay at home. Or use the holidays in a clever way!

If you are planning a trip to China this or next year, note these dates when everyone is on the move and prices for flights, hotels and travel services skyrocket. But also note for example that during Chinese New Year (i.e. Spring Festival) everyone's usually at home and sites are quiet and empty and offer a great opportunity to visit - if opened of course.



Period Affected



Travel Prices

National Day

September 29 – October 10

Very crowded

Very crowded

Very high

Labour Day

April 28 – May 4




Chinese New Year / Spring Festival

Mid-January – end of February (might vary due to lunar calendar)


Over capacity




Whatever the Dates, You're Best Traveling with Us!

To avoid inconveniences when on the road, let us plan your trip together beforehand. There are large crowds at attractions of all sorts during Golden Week and around beginning of May. During public holidays you may need to wait for a long time to enter the popular sites and even restaurants. Booking of hotels and flights can get very difficult (early preparation is highly recommended). If you can't avoid travelling during the mentioned holidays, keep close contact with our travel consultants.


Need further help for planning your tour through China? Our China travel experts are happy to support you. We offer you inspiration and personally customized suggestions - always for free. Please get in touch with us!


Create your tour yourself by entereing your preferred travel plan or have a direct look at our most recommended Yunnan tours: