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Christy Huang
posted on Friday, February 17th 2017 at 01:54

According to the Yunnan Transportation Department, it is necessary for passangers traveling overland by bus to personalize the tickets. This regulation shall be valid from 1. Mar 2017 and means that - as for train ticket bookings - also for bus tickets, a valid ID card or passport is necessary.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, February 15th 2017 at 20:22

The coldest days are over and the sun is shining more or less non-stop these days. Welcome to Kunming's strawberry season in spring! There are plenty of strawberry plantations around, offering its visitors the option to pick fruits themselves and enjoy a great warm day out in the fields.

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, February 9th 2017 at 23:44

Kunming is a central and important transportation hub of Yunnan Province: we have the fouth largest airport of China, Kuming is considered the Chinese gate to Southeast Asia and so forth. Many guests to Yunnan arrive in Kunming and the first thing that they need is a taxi. Here an overview.

Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, February 8th 2017 at 23:43

With a beautiful scenery and numerous temples, Jizu Shan (which means "Chicken Foot Mountain") is one of China's most famous Buddhist mountains. It is located in Binchuan County / Dali prefecture, some 370 kilometers west of Kunming and is a great for visiting all year round.

Olaf Malden
posted on Monday, January 23rd 2017 at 23:01

Kunming is a big city and it's still getting bigger. For this reason, a couple of years ago, a 'new' Kunming was built south of the initial center, called Chenggong, some 30 km away. Urban planners have not only built new high-rise buildings but also a wetland park at the shore of Dianchi Lake.