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Welcome to our tour pages! We would like you to get inspired by our numerous and perfectly arranged itineraries published below and let us know what suits you best. Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is specialized on tailor-making your travel experiences in Yunnan and Southwest China, so if you can't discover a tour according to your special requests, please tailor-make your own tour.

Days: 7
Start: Kunming
End: Lijiang
Price: from US$ 470

Explore Yunnan's Charming Old Towns on a 7 days tour! Visit the ancient highlights of the province and travel along the legendary Tea Horse Road.

Days: 1
Start: Kunming
End: Kunming
Price: from US$ 85

Explore Stone Forest, the top UNESCO World Heritage attraction near Kunming! Get an authentic feeling of Yunnan's rural life afterwards and visit Danuohei Sani Village, a stony village in Shilin County!

Days: 3
Start: Kunming
End: Kunming
Price: from US$ 240

If you want to escape the crowds and concrete of Kunming and immerse yourself in nature and in beautiful landscapes, this is the right tour for you! You will have the opportunity to hike for 2 days at the Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area and at Dongchuan Red Soil Land afterwards.

Days: 2
Start: Shangri-La
End: Lijiang
Price: from US$ 450

The Yunnan snub-nosed monkey is the most endangered of China's three snub-nosed monkey species. You might be asking whether it's really necessary to travel somewhere to have a look at a nearly extinct species. The answer is no AND yes. No, as it's better to leave those animals undisturbed in their habitat. Yes, because your vist supports the work of local rangers and the sustainable protection of the monkeys in the National Park.

Days: 3
Start: Lijiang
End: Lijiang
Price: from US$ 520

Why golf in Lijiang? Pleasant weather, beautiful view of snowy mountains, a unique atmosphere and one of the longest courses in the world (8548 yards)! Welcome to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club and Lijiang where you'll stay in a cozy and luxurious 5* hotel.

Days: 5
Start: Kunming
End: Kunming
Price: from US$ 1150

Playing Golf and visiting highlights: This 5 days tour combines both! We bring you to Kunming's state-of-the-art golf courses, and introduce you to the area's greatest highlights. Visit the Stone Forest, one of Yunnan's 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites and Western Hills with stunning views over the city.

Days: 8
Start: Beijing
End: Beijing
Price: from US$ 620

This 8-days-tour brings you to 3 of China's interesting cities. You start in Beijing with its famous and more hidden sights, pay a visit to Xi'an and the popular Terracotta Warriors as well as Chengdu and the Giant Pandas!

Days: 15
Start: Kunming
End: Dali
Price: from US$ 1750

While traveling this tour with us, you will immerse into the diversity of Yunnan. Indeed, we will vary between the famous highlights, some of the must-see places, and remote sites which will give you a unique experience and insight of Yunnan. You will be impressed by the differences existing between various locations in only one province!