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Welcome to our tour pages! We would like you to get inspired by our numerous and perfectly arranged itineraries published below and let us know what suits you best. Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is specialized on tailor-making your travel experiences in Yunnan and Southwest China, so if you can't discover a tour according to your special requests, please tailor-make your own tour.

Days: 8
Start: Kunming
End: Guiyang
Price: from US$ 700

Discover Yunnan and Guizhou in this exciting 8 days tour! Explore the diversity of beautiful southern China and deep-dive into local minority culture and history!

Days: 11
Start: Kunming
End: Kunming
Price: from US$ 1280

Yunnan is very often referred to as the most colorful and diverse province of China because of its beautiful nature and unique blend of cultures. From China’s overall 55 ethnic minorities, 26 are calling Yunnan its homeland. During this tour, visitors can witness the special and original lifestyles of local ethnic minorities as Hani, Yi, Dai, Yao and Miao.

Days: 5
Start: Guiyang
End: Guiyang
Price: from US$ 425

More than 15 minority groups are settled within Guizhou and most of the amazing scenic areas are located in these areas. In addition to enjoying the scenery, visitors can discover the rich and varied folk cultures of the different minorities.

Days: 6
Start: Guiyang
End: Guiyang
Price: from US$ 585

As one of the most mysterious areas in China, the western part of Guizhou remains cultures and customs from different eras, which are worth exploring. You can find people here wear clothes of a bygone epoch, speaking ancient Chinese, which isn’t found often anymore.

Days: 9
Start: Mangshi
End: Dali
Price: from US$ 1172

A tour for foodies, gourmands and chefs: on this trip we aim to expose our guests to the most mind blowing culinary experience upland South East Asia has to offer. Every little Chinese village is known for its own “specialty” which is craved by locals and visitors alike. Get seduced by yet unknown flavors and learn how to prepare this very special food yourself! Suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters.

Days: 3
Start: Jinghong
End: Jinghong
Price: from US$ 258

This tour was published in the travel section of AD, one of the largest newspapers in the Netherlands! Trek through the amazing tropical rain forest of Yunnan and get in touch with local people!

Days: 1
Start: Kunming
End: Kunming
Price: from US$ 85

Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the Stone Forest that was listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2007.

Days: 7
Start: Kunming
End: Lijiang
Price: from US$ 470

Explore Yunnan's Charming Old Towns on a 7 days tour! Visit the ancient highlights of the province and travel along the legendary Tea Horse Road.