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Visa Service for China

A Chinese visa and a valid passport are required documents for most foreign visitors entering China's mainland. If you arrive without these documents you will not be allowed to enter, may be fined and will be immediately sent out of the country again at your own expenses. In fact, without a proper visa for China, the airline will most likely not allow you to board.

Every Chinese embassy and consulate in different countries has different application rules for respective nationalities. Therefore it is essential that the traveller first contacts the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate to get the latest up to date information. Most of the Chinese visa offices require applicants to appear in person or let the application get organized by a registered agency. Application processes usually take 3 days to several weeks.

For some regions in China travellers need special travel permits (e.g. for Tibet). Rules and regulations change regularly and processing time may vary (currently about 15 working days). Please contact us directly in case you need special travel permits, we are happy to help out.

In general, please note following recommendations when applying for a Chinese visa

  • The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is 1-2 months before your travel date - the sooner the better

  • Contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country of residence or where you are currently staying and ask for procedure information. Most of them will provide you with up-to-date application forms (online or at the visa offices directly).

  • China provides many different kinds of visas (travel, business, study, work etc.). They vary in terms of validity and number of entries. Please check with your local Chinese embassy or consulate which one suits best for your travel purposes.

  • Please keep in mind that if you leave mainland China to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan you will need to have a multiple entry or a new visa to re-enter China mainland


China Visa Service by Wonders of Yunnan Travel
Wonders of Yunnan Travel is always happy to provide support in visa questions. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to gather all necessary documents and it’s definitely not the most exciting part of your trip. Don’t worry, we will help you! We provide invitation letters, tour itineries, flight & hotel booking vouchers and all other documents that might be required, please let us know how we can support.

If you book a tour with us, our visa support for you is free of charge. We will help you to prepare all the documents that you need to apply for your Chinese visa in your home country.

If you need Wonders of Yunnan Travel to arrange visa supporting documents for you only, we need to check every single case individually. If it should be possible for us to support you we are charging a service fee of 350 RMB per person.