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Zhu Family Garden Hotel, Jianshui (Comfort)

What is great about this hotel?

  • Free High Speed Internet

  • Air Conditioning

Hotel Description

The large estate of the wealthy Zhu family was transformed not only into a museum that is now #1 site to visit in Jianshui (ahead of the beautiful Confucius temple and gardens) but also part of it is now a charming boutique hotel. You feel transported one hundred and fifty years ago into Imperial times, while exploring the many courtyards and antiques and discovering the long and tumultuous history of the estate and the Zhu family. The rooms are charming complete with traditional Chinese beds (romantic and cozy unless you are over 6 feet tall) but with modern and brand new bathrooms. Breakfast is very basic and it seems the staff is geared mostly to the hordes of local tourists and even schoolchildren that arrive during the day and gawk at you, more so if you decide to wear Ching scholar robes and cap I found in the closet. You can and should venture outside to walk in the quaint old city alleys and eat in one of the many restaurants and then shop until late. Great experience!


No.16 Hanlin Street, Lin An Zhen, Jianshui County 654300, China

Hotel Amenities

Air Conditioning/ Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi )


Walk or take a taxi to the hotel from Jianshui Old Town.

Price Range

350-460 RMB per double room and night, including breakfast. Please contact us directly for special rates and a precise quotation as prices might vary throughout the seasons.


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