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Yunpin Garden Hotel, Shangrila (Economy)

What is great about this hotel?

  • modern and ethnic elements

Hotel Description

Yunpin Garden Hotel located at Kangding Road, Shangri-La, Yunnan. The hotel provides accommodation, food and entertainment. The design of the hotel is unique, with modern and ethnic elements. The rooms are clean, comfortable. The rooms are equipped with heating system, free wifi. In addition, the hotel can book train tickets, bus tickets for the guests. The parking is wonderful, too.


No. 74, Kangding Road, Shangrila, Yunnan, China.

Hotel Amenities

free Wi-Fi in all rooms/ free parking/ restaurant/ luggage storage/ wake-up call/ 24h front desk


Walk or self-driving to the hotel from Shangrila city cnter.

Price Range

368-1071 RMB per double room and night, including breakfast. Please contact us directly for special rates and a precise quotation as prices might vary throughout the seasons.


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