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Why Choose Us?

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is a well-established and highly recommended tour operator specialized on tailor-made tours for guests from all over the world exploring Yunnan and Southwest China. Our professional team of travel experts would be happy working out your preferred itinerary with you.

Let us know what we can do for you!

We are recommended by Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and Le guide de routard!

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and experienced tour operator. As a local travel agency, WOY is recommended by Lonely Planet and Le guide du routard. Beyond this, WOY is ranked as the best company for Tours in Kunming on the world’s largest travel site

We are a Yunnan based travel agency!

Book your holidays (hotels, tour guides, transfers, train & flight tickets, evening shows, etc.) directly with us as a local company based in the region you are visiting! Benefit from our network and enjoy profitable discounts!

  • Expertise: We live in the region you are visiting - Yunnan. We don't only visit Yunnan once a year or make researches on the internet. We read the local papers, watch local TV, talk to our friends, colleagues and partners around the region and know what’s going on. If you have special interests, we can recommend what's best to see, when it’s best to see and of course the best way to get there.​

  • Save money: By booking directly with us you are skipping middlemen and therefore save money. Most travel agencies in China are using local service providers as Wonders Of Yunnan Travel for being able to offer you basic handling arrangements. Book directly with us and save commission fees charged by external tour operators.

  • Support the local countries and communities: By employing locally based companies and people your money flows straight into the local economy. When booking your trip with us as a Yunnan based specialized tour operator your money will support the local structures and won’t be used to finance administrational and marketing costs of agencies based elsewhere.

  • Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, any place: Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is specialized on customizing tours. Create your trip and let us know your ideas – we will gently optimize and perfectly organize the journey according to your wishes and requests. There are no set itineraries if you don’t like to: we arrange your trips so you can go and visit whatever interests you. As a Kunming based professional tour operator, Wonders Of Yunnan Travel has many years of experience as a travel specialist in Southwest China. This creates the basis for a solid business providing our customers with interesting and unique itineraries in this diversified area of Asia. Discover mysterious landscapes, exotic cultures of numerous minorities and other highlights – we assure you that you will have a fascinating experience in Yunnan with us.

We provide high quality services during your whole trip!

Before you travel benefit from

  • free consultation

  • up-to-date information

  • first-hand tour pricing

  • honest & competitive prices without hidden costs

  • safe and reliable payment conditions 

During your tour be sure of

  • professional performance

  • quality service & flexibility

  • no forced shopping programs

  • authentic local food of good quality

  • 24/7 support, both online & offline

After your trip rely on

  • ongoing customer service

  • recovery in case of any justified complaints (see below for further information)

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do!

Our clients are central to our success and we put them at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with every customer and partner to understand their needs and wishes. As professional travel experts we always strive to offer you best service and support. That's why we abide by the following service standards: 

  • Professionalism: Our staff and contracted partners are certified travel specialists - every travel consultant at Wonders Of Yunnan Travel undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training. 

  • Travel Management: We offer a complete range of Travel Management and LeisureTravel Services, both for groups and individual travelers.

  • Communication Services: Our clients are most important to us. Your telephone calls will be all answered immediately within our business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). Furthermore we guarantee to reply E-mail inquiries within one business day.

  • Quality-Assured Documents: Our clearly arranged travel documents and detailed itineraries – whether electronically or on paper – are 100% accurate and complete.

  • Travel Information Services: Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is aware that consistent information is the key of controlling travel costs. We will work together with you to analyze your needs and requirements in order to provide you with alternatives that will minimize cost and maximize your choices and travel value.

  • Ongoing Client Service: Every client's experience with us is important! We closely monitor our performance for every client with our customized Complete Customer Care Program.

  • Service Recovery: We are working hard to make your holiday a wonderful event. Should there nevertheless be a reason for a complaint about inappropriate performance please contact us immediately. We will check, reply and resolve all complaints within short.

In general, we strongly believe that we will never succeed unless our customers succeed. That's one of the reasons our efforts are focused on providing you the services you need to guarantee you a perfectly satisfying journey.

Stop by and visit us in our Kunming office to learn more about what we can do for you and your travel requirements. Does this sound like the kind of travel management service you expect? Contact us to discuss your travel requests:

Add: Lianmeng Road / Wanhong Road, Wanhong International Aosidi Business Center

Block B, 9. Floor, Room 918, Kunming, China 

Tel: +86 871 63311690 | Fax: +86 871 63349243 | Email: | Skype: wondersofyunnan

Office Hours: 09.30h - 17.30h / Monday - Friday (except public holidays)