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Payment Guide

On behalf of all employees at Wonders Of Yunnan Travel (WOY), we want to thank you for choosing us as your reliable tour operator. Please find below a guide to our payment methods. Beyond this, our team is always happy to help you in person should you face problems during the payment process.


Deposit & Final Payment

For a tour within China, a deposit of 30% of the total tour price is required at the time of booking. The balance payment shall be processed latest 15 days prior to the first tour day. If the tour is booked within the 15 days before departure, full payment is required directly.

For a booked tour within Yunnan including an arrival and an overnight stay in Kunming, a 30% deposit is required at the time of booking whereas the balance payment can be paid cash upon arrival (we cannot accept credit card payment on site).

For individual booking of flight, train/bus and evening event tickets (WOY’s Separate Services), full payment is required at the time of booking.


Payment Methods

WOY offers following payment methods:

Payment Method




· Transfer immediately received

· Suitable for small sums

· Can be used without PayPal account using a credit card

· Several currencies available

· 5% transfer fee, expensive for large sums

· No RMB transfer possible

Bank wire transfer

· Suitable for large sums

· Generally cheaper transaction fee than PayPal

· Quick transfer from within China with a Chinese bank account

· Transaction can take up to 10 business day

· Only EUR and USD possible

· You probably have to visit your bank to transfer

WeChat Pay or Alipay

· Easy and quick payment, received immediately

· Small and big transactions possible

· No transaction fee

· Only RMB payments

· Not suited for very large sums

· You need a WeChat/Alipay account, Chinese phone number and Chinese bank card


1. PayPal

PayPal enables global e-commerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies and languages. It's an ideal payment method for quick tour bookings.

The service allows anyone, also without a PayPal account, to choose the preferred way of payment (including credit cards, bank account etc.) without necessarily sharing financial information with other parties. Most major currencies from different countries (such as USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CHF) are accepted. A payment with RMB though is unfortunately not possible.

Upon receipt of WOY’s PayPal invoice via email, the "PAY NOW" button will enable the client to make a secure payment via the PayPal website. For more information on this payment process please click


WOY’s Paypal account:

This e-mail address is spam-protected. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please note that when paying via PayPal, a transaction fee of 5% will be charged by PayPal. Please do not deduct this fee from the amount of WOY’s invoice, otherwise the booking cannot be completed.

2. Bank Wire Transfer


If the booking is made at least 15 days before the first tour day, a payment via bank wire transfer can be chosen. The strict rules of Chinese banks require 100% precise and correct bank information for international bank transfers and in many cases also a scan of the main page of the passport of the account holder. In case the wrong account information is provided, the payment will not reach the WOY account, which in turn influences the tour booking.


WOY uses 4 different bank accounts, for payments either within China or outside China and either RMB, USD or EUR (see below for bank account information). This can be confusing, because when the wrong one is used, we can again not receive the transfer, so your travel consultant will double check to which account you have to transfer the payment.


It may take up to 10 business days before the payment reaches WOY’s Chinese account. It is recommended to choose an originator’s bank which has business relations with the Bank of China: the transaction fee and the duration of the international transaction may be less in this case (e.g. ABN AMRO BANK).


Please note that a transaction fee for this payment method will be charged by the payer’s bank. The fee differs from bank to bank (depending on the total sum about US$6 – US$50). This transaction fee might be deducted by the bank from the amount of WOY’s invoice, in which case the booking cannot be completed. So please double check this with your bank and let them add the transaction fee to the total if needed.


WOY’s Bank Accounts

Account for payments from outside of China (USD and EUR only)

Bank Account Holder's Name:     GUIZHOU ONE TWO THREE TRAVEL CO LTD

Name of Bank:                              China Merchants Bank H.O. Shenzhen

SWIFT Code or BIC:                     CMBCCNBS

Bank Address:                              China Merchants Bank Tower NO. 7088, Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China


USD Bank Account Number:       851900951032201

EUR Bank Account Number:       851900951035101


Account for payments within China (RMB only)

Account Holder (开户名):    贵州万途顺旅行社有限公司

Name of Bank (开户行):      招商银行贵阳分行营业部

Account Number (帐号):     851900951010901


For organizational reasons, it might be necessary to transfer money to a personal account.

Account for payments within China

开户名:          金勇

开户行:          中国银行云南省分行

  :           6217 8527 0001 7630 748

3. WeChat and Alipay

You can now also conveniently pay with WeChat and Alipay if you have an account. There are transaction limits depending on the bank card the accounts are linked to, which can vary from no limit to 50,000 RMB per day. Generally, there are no transactions fees charged.

Since January 2019 it is unfortunately only possible to use WeChat Pay when you have a Chinese phone number and bank account, foreign credit cards don’t seem to be accepted anymore (same could be true for Alipay, but the policies and restrictions keep changing). But for anyone already living in China or otherwise able to use WeChat or Alipay, you can just let your travel consultant know if you want to use WeChat Pay or Alipay and they will send you the account information to which you can transfer the money!

UPDATE: Since November 2019, it is possible to use Alipay with a foreign bank card. Please refer to this article about how foreigners can use Alipay and WeChat with a foreign bank card in China.

4. Cash

In some cases, when other payment methods are not possible or less convenient (for example last minute bookings), we will also accept the balance payment in cash upon arrival after the deposit has been paid, preferably in RMB or USD. This is only possible if you have at least one overnight stay in Kunming and time to meet up with your travel consultant who will be happy to come to your hotel to receive the payment. You are also welcome to visit us in our office if that is convenient for you (you can also use a Chinese debit card to pay if you have one). Please discuss this with your travel consultant.