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Wonders Of Yunnan Travel values reciprocal links with high quality websites. We have listed links to websites of which we are convinced could be interesting for our clients. Do you think your website should be listed here as well? Please let us know!

  • Bike Yunnan Adventures China offers bicycle tours in Yunnan and provides information for cyclists. Dali based, BikeYunnan is well represented by local Chinese cyclists, all conversant in English, and all are able to guide you on a most memorable adventure. They were selected for their intimate knowledge of the area and the routes, along with an easy affability to interact with clients of many nationalities.
  • Yunnan is a mountainous and hilly area. Check out the elevations of your itinerary. Very interesting especially for Yunnan, where elevations vary between less than 500 and above 6700 meters!
  • Fabio Nodari is an Italian Travel Blogger and Travel Photographer always looking for new off-the-beaten-path destinations to explore. He focuses mainly on Asia but on his blog you can also read about how to take better pictures and how to save money when you travel. Check out his latest Yunnan pics!
  • You are planning to fly within China? Check out our recommendations.
  • Came to Yunnan for Golfing? This might be of interest for you.
  • Insider's Expeditions is a China based travel company offering tours with vintage jeeps and sidecar motorcycles. With branches in Shanghai, Lijiang and Xi'an their tours are leading you to places all over the country.
  • Laowai China is Arie Boeve's travel experience and photography website. While focused on China, also pictures and stories from all over the world can be found. Get inspired!
  • Lijiang Xintou Ecotourism is an employee and community owned company specialized on ecology focussed tours in northwest Yunnan. Xintou ('new developement' in Chinese) only employs guides of the local Naxi and Yi ethnic minority.
  • is an information platform for travels to Shaxi. Located halfway between Lijiang and Dali, the Shaxi Valley is home to a beautifully preserved traditional way of life that offers a glimpse into a forgotten era. Check out accommodation (Old Theatre Inn), food and activities online before you go!
  • Tiny Adventures Tours has specialized on off-the-beaten-track-tours in Yunnan. No mainstream but customized tours with tiny groups and tiny adventures.
  • TripAdvisor Page from Wonders Of Yunnan Travel: Check out our ratings and opinions of former customers!
Kunming & Yunnan
  • ChinaKunming.Travel is the English website of the Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commission and offers a wide variety of articles on Kunming and around as well as helpful information in terms of visa, transportation, accommodation and food
  • ClimbDali is the place to go to for outdoor activities in Dali and around. Specialized on climbing (indoor climbing wall as well as numerous rock climbing routes outside of Dali), ClimbDali also organizes other adventure programs as kayaking, hiking and cycling.
  • GoKunming is the online resource for Yunnan Province and its capital city, Kunming. It offers up-to-date information regarding events, local businesses, news, nightlife and travel, as well as incredibly active user-generated classified and forum sections.
  • HorseRoadTea provides an overview of Yunnan's Pu'er Teas, its origin and history including the Tea Horse Road. You can buy Pu'er Tea online if you cannot make it to Yunnan yourself.
  • InKunming ( is the city's website of Kunming. The website is designed to work as the window for users to know about Kunming, Yunnan and China, as well as sister cities of Kunming.
  • Kunmingrock - the website of Kunming based climbing scene providing useful information on the best rock climbing spots in Yunnan and beyond.
  • is a local website for Kunming people and foreigners living in Kunming to make new contacts, friends, language exchange, and share life experience.
  • Do you want to learn Chinese while in Yunnan? Here's an overview of Kunming based langauge schools with links to further schools throughout Yunnan.
  • Lonely Planet's Yunnan page with presentation of province, sights and tours.
  • Want to know what the weather is like in our latitues or elsewhere? Check our climate section of our Yunnan Guide or visit directly.
  • Yunnan Hong is the biggest and best provider of local Yunnan wines since 1996. A tour to the family owned vinery including wine tasting can also be booked with us.
  • offers broad access to up-to-date cultural news about China with a wealth of information about Chinese history, culture, politics and economy. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, this website was developed and is maintained by China Daily.
  • provides a large variety of English China maps, of the provinces and cities. Furthermore find a well-sorted collection of maps covering topics as population, road network and China's rivers.
  • provides an extensive overview of ethnic minorities all over China, including population, localization and all sorts of detailed background information.
  • is an online platform providing information and offering help for foreigners who are working, studying, and living in China and also for those who are willing to come to China. The site provides visitors with unique content channels on China News, Business, Job recruitment, Education and trainings, Entertainment, Chinese study, Friends making, Real estate service and Tourist information. Making the portal one of the Internet's most popular destinations for people interested in China.
  • is GoKunming's counterpart in Sichuan's capital Chengdu with information on travels, events and all what's on 850 km north of Kunming.
  • Check out China's timezone on including details to sunrise and sunset as well as the weather. Our article on time differences can be found here.
  • There are plentiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China: 47 cultural and natural sites can be found all over the country, of which 5 are located in Yunnan: Lijiang Old Town, the Three Parallel Rivers, South China Karst (Stone Forest),  the Chengjiang Fossil Site and the Rice Terraces in Yuanyang. Read more about the sites in our blog.
  • Xian Urban Adventures unlock the secrets of the oldest capital of the most populous country on earth. Join a Xi'an tour to get under the ancient skin of this silk road city, experience local life and customs and be amazed by the food and vibrant culture of today's China.