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Travel Check List

Have a look at our travel checklist before you pack your stuff and travel to China! We have put together some items of which we think they could be useful for our guests.

Home Checklist

  1. Make arrangemetns for pet and plant care

  2. Stop routine deliveries

  3. Make your home seem lived-in while away by putting lights and a radio on timers

  4. Turn down thermostat

  5. Leave keys, a copy of your travel itinerary and your contact information to family or friends

  6. Lock windows, garage, and doors


Important Documents & Papers

  1. Guide books and maps

  2. Passport and visa(s)

  3. Foreign currency of your destination country

  4. Credit cards

  5. Travelers checks or ATM card

  6.  Travel Insurance (check here if of interest)

  7. Personal Identification

  8. Photocopies of important documents and papers

  9. Birth & marriage certificate (if necessary)


Basic Essentials

  1. Appropriate Luggage

  2. Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Locks are often needed for checked baggage when flying withinChina)

  3. Appropriate Clothing (sweater, short & long trousers. Be prepared for cold and warm weather if necessary)

  4. Comfortable Footwear (sandals, hiking boots, sneakers)

  5. Rain Gear

  6. Camera or Video, with batteries and charger

  7. Small Flashlight (batteries)

  8. Small Binoculars

  9. Sun Protection (Hats, Sunscreen and Sunglasses)

  10. Reading Materials

  11. Leisure facilities (Books, Media Player, etc.)

  12. Ziplock Plastic Bags (waterproof)

  13. Contact List with information of your travel advisor, tour guide, embassy, as well as your family and friends.



  1. Comb/Brush

  2. Toothbrush/Paste

  3. Dental Floss

  4. Shampoo

  5. Blow Dryer

  6. Deodorant

  7. Lotions/Creams

  8. Cologne Water

  9. Lipbalm

  10. Towelettes

  11. Shaver and Shaving Cream

  12. Towel/Washcloth



  1. First Aid Kit

  2. Aspirin/Pain Reliever

  3. Diarrhea Medicine

  4. Laxative

  5. Insect Repellent

  6. Contact Lens Preparations

  7. Antibiotic Ointment

  8. Alcohol Wipes

  9. Motion Sickness Medicine

  10. Personal Hygiene Items

  11. Personal Prescriptions

  12. Medical Record (If necessary)

  13. Contact Information of Doctor or Medical Advisor