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Zhoucheng Village, Dali

Zhoucheng Village is the largest and the farthest northern village of Dali City. The village has 7,571 inhabitants of 1,470 families. The entire village is in a square shape with row upon row of houses. The Yunnan Tibetan highway stretches along the village. Situated at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, the village is not far from the Butterflies' Fountain and Erhai Lake.

Zhocheng Village 1

Zhoucheng is the largest Bai Minority village in Yunnan. The houses are well preserved with blue-tile roves and grey-coated walls row in lines orderly like a comb. Zhoucheng village has long been enjoying the fame as 'Hometown of Tie-dyeing Art', which originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago.

Zhocheng Village 2

The process of tie-dyeing is quite sophisticated and time-consuming. Firstly, soak the knots into clear water; secondly, immerse them in the dye vat for some time; thirdly, take them out to dry. Finally, put the dry knot back again in the dye vat and repeat the process until a satisfactory color is achieved. 

Zhocheng Village 4

Witnessing the process of this historical craftsmanship is a must of visiting Zhoucheng village. Contribute to its complexity, the hand-made tie-dyed cloth in Zhoucheng village is both of fastness and pureness. Clothes and handicrafts of this material are well received by travellers from China and abroad.

Zhocheng Village 5

Every year the Torchlight Festival of the minority people also attract visitors by their distinctive national features, magnificent scope and vivid atmosphere. A bus from the North Bus Station in Dali brings you here (6 RMB).

Zhocheng Village 6

Recently, a peasants' cultural centre has been set up, including a movie theatre, a basketball ground, a kindergarten, a library with reading room and a TV and a ping-pong facility, greatly enriching the peasants' cultural life during their spare time. Handicraft and commerce here are constantly developed. 


The patterns of hand-made tie-dyed cloth in particular are pure and beautiful.