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Jiaozi Snow Mountain

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is one of Kunming Prefecture's highest peaks (4223m) and is situated in a protected scenic area of Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County, close to the border to Sichuan. Jiaozi Mountain derives its name from its resemblance to a traditional Chinese sedan (轿子). Since the road connecting Kunming City with this 250 square kilometer big scenic area has been reconstructed in 2011, it can be reached conveniently within less than 3 hours (about 160km).

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

It's an ideal place for hiking and winter tourism.

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The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is a snow-covered mountain with the lowest latitude in Yunnan (from early autumn to late spring). It has unique natural landscapes. The numerous azalea flowers bloom in April and May, its alpine lakes and meadows make it dazzle with charm. Located between the Xiaojiang fault belt and Pudu River fault belt, Jiaozi Mountain's climate changes rapidly due to the combination of its unique geological structure, the complex landforms and the high altitude. It is famous for its frozen lakes and waterfalls during winter season, beautiful sunrises and so called Buddha's lights.

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