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Golf Courses in Yunnan

Golfing in Yunnan got more and more popular, attractive and professional during the last years. Yunnan, without doubt, is the best golfing destination within China. By the time of writing, nearly 20 state-of-the-art golf courses existed only in Yunnan, some of them are rated as best, longest or hardest of China, Asia or even the world. More golf courses are currently being designed and built.

Therefore, the variety of proper golf courses in Yunnan is big. Please find below a rough overview of Yunnan's golfing options. Please also have a look at our golf tours.

Spring City Golf & Lake Resort, Kunming

The Spring City Golf & Lake Resort is located about 60 km east of Kunming downtown, about half way to Stone Forest. It is one of the most beautiful golf resorts in the world, set amidst majestic mountains and right next to crystal clear Yangzonghai Lake. It is highly rated among Asia's golf courses and is said to be the best in China as it offers a world class experience. The golf course consists of two parts, the Mountain Course and the Lake Course (both 18 holes).

The prime golf course furthermore offers a total resort experience with a five star luxury standard. A well-appointed clubhouse with an array of activities like swimming, spa, sauna, tennis, water sports and a gym pampers its guests - as well as with its luxurious lodges and comfortable villas. Needless to say that the service is impeccable.

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Lakeview Golf Club, Kunming

Also the Lakeview Golf Club offers one of the best golf courses in all of China. It is located about 15 km south of Kunming's city center at the northern shores of China's 6th largest sweet water lake, the Dianchi. Playing golf and enjoying spectacular views of the beautiful Western Hills right opposite of the lake, is only one special feature of this golf course.

Additionally, the golf club provides world-class amenities ranging from natural hot springs, saunas, massage facilities, a beauty salon, gymnasium, a grill as well as a sports bar and fine dining facilities for golfers, residents and members. Lakeview features the only night lit golf course in Kunming, also allowing those with a busy lifestyle to enjoy a round after dark.

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club, Lijiang

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club (website in Chinese only) lies at the foot of famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 30 km north of  Lijiang Ancient Town. With its 18 holes at an altitude of over 3100 meters above sea level the location is surrounded by more than 5000 kinds of plants. To add some superlatves: it is the second highest golf course in the world and with 8548 yards also the longest and one one of the most difficult ones worldwide. Beyond this, the thin air of Yunnan's southern Himalayas allows farther shots, it is said about plus 15-20%.

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Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club

The Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club is located just outside of Dali's anscient town and is surrounded by highlights: right next to the famous Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, this beautiful location was set up between Er Lake and the Cangshan Mountains. There are 2 golf courses (Mountain & Lake Course) and a night-lit driving range. The perfect supporting facilities offer a consummate enjoyment.

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