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Dianchi Lake, Kunming

The Dianchi Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest part of Kunming City. There are numerous attractions along the lake.

Dian Chi 1

Among these are the Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Daguan Park, Baiyukou Park, Haigeng Bank, Kuanyin Hill, Xishan Forest Park (Western Hills) as well as several temples and pagodas.

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Towns, big or small near the lake provide visitors with an opportunity to experience customs of the local people.

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Dianchi Lake is the 6th largest fresh water lake in China and has an area of 340 sq km. This "pearl of the high land" is over 40km (25 miles) in length and stretches magnificently from the southwest of Kunming into the Yunnan countryside. In fine weather, fishing boats and small cargo carrying vessels weave across the lakes between villages, but the lake can become as stormy as the sea with "seething waves".

Dian Chi 4

The best views of Dianchi are from Western Hills along its northwest shore.

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