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Guangxi is not a province but - like Tibet - one of China’s 5 Autonomous Regions. It is inhabited by 12 ethnic groups, including the Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong. The Zhuang ethnic minority - living mainly in Guangxi - is the largest within China. In Guangxi, ethnic culture is kept widely untouched with distinctive characteristics. It is not only the most typical appraisal from the public, but also the common self-description of Guangxi. East of Yunnan this area stretches down to the South Chinese Sea where it also shares the border to Vietnam. Nanning, Guangxi’s green capital, is directly connected to Kunming by train.

The most famous tourist attraction of Guangxi is Guilin with Yangshuo though, the old capital in the north of the region, close to Guizhou Province. Also the steep Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces at Longsheng in the northwestern part of Guangxi are a famous visiting destination. A cruise along the Li Jiang or Li River (nothing to do with Yunnan's tourist hotspot Lijiang) from Guilin to Yangshuo is like taking a journey through a Chinese landscape painting. The karst limestone scenery of hills, cones and cylinders has been inspiring artists and poets since ancient times, and has even been depicted on China’s currency. The Detian Waterfall marks a part of the border of China and Vietnam. It is formed from streams of different heights and sizes falling down through the forest in three steps. Highly regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls, Detian offers a different scene during each of the four seasons, as the ancient tall trees, grasses and flowers surrounding it change.

Furthermore Guangxi is widely symbolized by the marvelous South China Karst Landscape which is part of China's UNESCO's World Heritage list. Due to the tropical climate these hills and mountains are covered by a green carpet-like surface.


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