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Sissy Wang
posted on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 23:05
( Kunming )

When in Kunming, forget about fancy restaurants and try local delicacies found in markets.

Sissy Wang
posted on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 19:37
( yunnan )

In Yunnan, the market where we buy foods, fruits, vegetables, and seasonings is called "Cai Shi Chang". 

posted on Friday, May 17th 2019 at 20:36

Today the Province of Guizhou is home to more high bridges then every other country on earth combined

posted on Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 22:24

The Beipanjiang Bridge Duge was completed in 2016 and took the title of The World’s Highest Bridge.

posted on Monday, May 6th 2019 at 00:33

Food in Dali?  Well, that was a challenge for me.  I didn’t know sometimes what I had ordered, but I ate it anyway.  Yunnan food is not my favorite and I’m not sure why.