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Yunnan Guide

Shirley Zeng
posted on Sunday, July 23rd at 23:53

While most regions in China are experiencing extremely hot weather this summer, Yunnan is the perfect destination to get some relief from the heat. Forget about scorching heat and overcrowded swimming pools! Come to Yunnan for a refreshing summer break! But don't forget your raincoat!

posted on Tuesday, June 27th at 19:04

Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles (过桥米线 or Guoqiao Mixian) is one of the most famous dishes in Yunnan. As so often here, 'food' is not only just food, behind this dish with the strange name stands nothing less than a touching story. Setting: Mengzi. Protagonists: Couple in love. Status: Legendary!


Cici Li
posted on Thursday, May 18th at 21:17

When Yunnan is visited, you won't be able to get around the amazing and manifold Yunnan Cuisine. As diversified as Yunnan's geography and population, as colorful and multifaceted are the dishes you can eat. Yunnan Province has by far the greatest variety of food to offer! An overview.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, November 11th at 01:52

Welcome to the second part of your Yunnan Tour Planner. Today, we focus on what's important to know when it comes to booking a tour in China. Do you need a tour guide and if so, what has to be considered? What means of transport are best when travelling in Yunnan? Find it all out here.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, October 21st at 01:26

Your next holiday is definitely approaching soon, isn't it? If you consider visiting Yunnan and Southwest China, have a look at our small Yunnan tour planner. What is important to know? What shouldn't be left at home and what kind of tour and travel services are suitable for you?

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, September 19th at 02:08

Rice noodles, or 米线 (Mixian) in Chinese, is the ubiquitous dish in Yunnan. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner - rice noodles are eaten in all sorts of variants. As a cold snack in summer, in a spicy hot soup or as a classic noodle dish with meat and vegitable toppings. Give it a try!

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, August 25th at 03:07

While most places of Yunnan don't get as hot during summer as many other places all over China, cooled and refreshing snacks are still very popular. Made out of all sorts of different ingredients, they have one thing in common: they are cold or even iced dishes. 

Christy Huang
posted on Thursday, August 18th at 02:27

With an average elevation of around 2000 meters above sea level, Yunnan features huge differences in altitude: while Yunnan's north borders Tibet and the Eastern Himalayas (up to 6740 m), the subtropical landscapes of the south are not higher than 100 meters.

Aaron Mao
posted on Tuesday, March 22nd at 01:40

We recently wrote about Kunming's blooming flowers and trees. But the colorful blossoms are not only nice to watch at, some of them can also be eaten. There are various dishes with a multitude of ingredients, here are 9 of them that you can find in local restaurants!

Christy Huang
posted on Tuesday, March 1st at 23:51

Are you thinking about spending two to three days in Kunming and not sure yet what to do? We had a look around and put together our own list of Top 10 sites in and around our city. Get an overview of what to do and visit!


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