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Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Amelie Degrande
posted on Thursday, January 4th at 23:03

When we think of Asia, we think of rice paddies, bamboo hats, water buffalo’s and brown skinned people. This is also true for China. To facilitate your search for your dream China, here is an overview of some of the most beautiful and stunning rice terraces in China.

Ida Fiore
posted on Wednesday, November 22nd at 21:10

This weekend is the Hani Long Street Feast! Head south to Honghe to take part in one of the most incredible folk traditions of China. Folk music, group dances, parades, and of course delicious food and endless toasts!

Olaf Malden
posted on Wednesday, April 5th at 01:17

Yuanyang’s Rice Terraces of the Hani ethnic minority are a World Heritage site since 22. June, 2013. It is particularly well known among photographers for its unique and spectacular scenery. Together with the blogger Fabio Nodari, we visited the area. Check out his pictures and story!

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, January 10th at 19:59

A visit to the Hani Rice Terraces of Yuanyang is best during winter months and in early spring (about November to February). It's especially the fascinating sunrises and sunsets turning this area into a popular destination. Filled with water, the fields resemble millions of natural mirrors!

Olaf Malden
posted on Thursday, June 30th at 03:14

Yunnan is famous for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate - perfect for holiday and relaxation. But it's also getting famous for something completely different. Have you ever heard of 100k ultra marathons at elevations of over 3800 meters and other unique running events?

Christy Huang
posted on Sunday, June 26th at 22:54

The ancient village of Chengzi is another yet barely known but very beautiful little hamlet in Yunnan's remote south-east, close to Wenshan. It's worth a visit not only due to its location but also because of its house construction style, combining the influence of the Yi and Han.

Olaf Malden
posted on Monday, June 6th at 00:58

Every now and then we make our way out of the office and check out the 'status' of the outside world. Regular research trips keep us up to date in terms of our offered travel services. This time, we went to Honghe Prefecture, home of numerous ethnic minorities.

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, February 22nd at 21:59

Besides the famous and UNESCO rated rice terraces in Yuanyang, the local morning markets are another highlight visitors should not miss. The lively and colorful events take place regularly in various villages and is a great opportunity to deepdive into local customs. 

Olaf Malden
posted on Friday, December 11th at 00:47

We recently reported about bird migration to Yunnan. Mainly birds from Sibiria come to Yunnan during the winter months. In most parts of Yunnan it is definitely warmer than in Sibiria but also here it is advisable to protect oneself agains the chill, especially in higher elevation.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, November 25th at 21:40

That Yunnan is a wonderful place is no secret. Also, the UNESCO found that out long ago and included 5 special places on its famous World Heritage List.These are the actual Wonders of Yunnan - find out more!


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