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Nora Li
posted on Monday, May 15th at 21:16

Some 70 km south of famous Dali Old Town, a cozy, picturesque and secluded little city is located: Weishan (巍山). Not as famous but also not as crowded as the ancient centers of Dali, Lijiang or Shangri-La, Weishan's old town enjoys a long history as well as a great diversity of culture.

Justin Wang
posted on Wednesday, December 7th at 00:45

Yunnan is specifically interesting for photographers. Our photography tours throughout Yunnan are of course best when specific areas of interest are most spectacular, like the blooming of the Luoping Rapeseed Flowers during spring time. Visit Yunnan now to witness the colorful cherry blossom!

Joy Yang
posted on Monday, January 18th at 01:29

Situated right south of Dali and the Er'hai Lake, Weishan City is still an insider tipp, a bit off the beaten track and at the same time relatively easy to reach. Once a year in spring, people from the area gather to celebrate and offer their 小吃 (xiao chi) - snacks!

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