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Nora Li
posted on Wednesday, February 8th at 23:43

With a beautiful scenery and numerous temples, Jizu Shan (which means "Chicken Foot Mountain") is one of China's most famous Buddhist mountains. It is located in Binchuan County / Dali prefecture, some 370 kilometers west of Kunming and is a great for visiting all year round.

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, October 20th at 01:48

Strange name, great place! In Yunnan's north, close to our neighbors Sichuan and Tibet, the Balagezong Grand Canyon offers a splendid scenery of snow caped mountains, dense green forests and villages with Tibetan customs and distinguishing architecture.

Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, September 28th at 21:22

"My crossing of the Daying River today marks the last day of my journey across China following the route of Edwin Dingle. I started in Shanghai, travelling to Chongqing by train and ferry. I then walked over 1,600 kilometres from Chongqing to Yingjiang through sunshine, rain, heat, mud and dust." 

Olaf Malden
posted on Wednesday, September 21st at 02:10

Many visitors come to Yunnan to combine their stay with a trek. While the majority has heard of or visited and hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge, further interesting treks can be found further up in the north close to Tibet and Yunnan's highest peak: Meili Snow Mountain.

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, September 11th at 20:49

Iva's diary closely comes to an end. Enjoy part 5 of 6, leading her always in the direction of the Myanmar border, passing Dali, Baoshan and the great Nujiang River during the second half of July. Hospitality of locals, increadible scenery but also heaps of rain were her companions.

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, August 21st at 21:00

While Iva finished her personal 'Across China on Foot' on August 9th after a total of 1635 km, we today publish her walking route in the Chuxiong area, which she passed in the first half of July, leading her to Dali, "a great road for singing and kicking stones".

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, August 17th at 00:50

Camping is getting more and more popular among many city dwellers, especially those who love outdoor activities. Having great options for mountain biking and trekking in the greater Kunming area, also several recommended campsites can now be found. Pack your bag!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, August 9th at 01:00

We are continuing our little diary series of Iva, the hiker from Australia, walking the same route, which British journalist Dingle traveled over 100 years ago. This third chapter covers the second half of June, in which she had passed Kunming and also finally dropped by our office.

Joy Yang
posted on Friday, July 29th at 00:11

This is the second part of Iva's travel diary, recording her trip by foot from Chongqing through Yunnan and on to the Burmese border, which is still ongoing. She is following the route written down in Edwin Dingle's book 'Across China on Foot'. Today: first half of June, getting into Yunnan.

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, July 12th at 00:06

This is the travel story of Iva. Iva is from Australia, as one of our customers she made her way to China this summer to follow Edwin J. Dingle's footsteps. Dingle, a British journalist, made his way up the Yangtze River and then walked from Chongqing via Yunnan to Burma in 1909. A diary. 


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