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posted on Thursday, February 8th at 23:13

Good news! During the next three months, all the tickets will be FREE for travelers in Tibet!

Amelie Degrande
posted on Sunday, January 21st at 18:07

You’ve probably heard of tie-dye before, from hippie rainbow T-shirts to DIY workshops, nowadays you can find it everywhere. But what do you really know about tie-dyeing?

Amelie Degrande
posted on Thursday, January 4th at 23:03

When we think of Asia, we think of rice paddies, bamboo hats, water buffalo’s and brown skinned people. This is also true for China. To facilitate your search for your dream China, here is an overview of some of the most beautiful and stunning rice terraces in China.

Chloe Zhou
posted on Monday, December 18th at 17:52

With countless seagulls in the sky, bird-watching has become a very popular local activity and even a part of tradition in Kunming. Want to have a closer look of thousands seagulls and experience what local people do around Kunming city? Check those spots listed in this article.

Paola Faccioli
posted on Friday, November 3rd at 01:27

From simple farmers markets to huge wholesale ones, Yunnan really has a lot to offer to the shopping lovers. Check out our list of the most interesting ones and get ready to bargain!

Cici Li
posted on Tuesday, October 31st at 22:50

2017 has been a great year for Wonders of Yunnan. After the ASTA convention in San Diego (CA), we're on our new way to meet more tourism specialists and seek more global opportunities. Come and meet us in Guiyang and London!

Chloe Zhou
posted on Wednesday, October 25th at 23:53

As the Kunming-Chongqing high-speed rail has been announced to operate by the end of the year, over the next decades, south-east Asia along with major cities of south-west China will become a paradise for railway travelers! 

Paola Faccioli
posted on Friday, September 29th at 23:20

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls during the October Golden Week that celebrates China's National Day, meaning that we'll have a long eight-day holiday to celebrate, relax and, of course, eat mooncakes! 

Chloe Zhou
posted on Thursday, September 28th at 01:46

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel recently announced our exclusive partnership with China Southern Airlines. This enables our dearest customers travelling from major cities in the United States to reach the most popular travel destinations in China at unprecedented low prices.

Cici Li
posted on Friday, September 22nd at 01:36

Stay connected during your holidays in China! Here at Wonders of Yunnan Travel we've got your personal prepaid SIM card service ready for you! Forget about high roaming charges and slow internet, we've got you covered!


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