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Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, March 5th at 16:07

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" P.B.Shelley once wrote these lines in one of his poems. In big parts of Yunnan, this can be answered with a clear 'No!'. The cooler days are over and during this season, colorful flowers are in bloom all over. These are the most famous ones.

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, July 21st at 02:58

The Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain or Pudacuo National Park - when visiting Yunnan, the one or the other might has been surprised when confronted with high entrance fees. We list up some free sites around Kunming for you. Enjoy!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, June 1st at 02:50

The 2016 lists of the best summer resort cities worldwide were recently published. According to the jury, Yunnan's capital Kunming, now ranks on 3rd place. Nice climate and beautiful areas make Kunming more and more popular as a summer destination!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, March 9th at 23:11

The Buddhist culture in China is ubiquitous. So are temples and vegetarian restaurants. Only in Kunming, ther are already dozens of restaurants where all kind of meat is replaed by other ingredients as tofu and flour-breaded vegetables. And it does taste great!

Christy Huang
posted on Tuesday, March 1st at 23:51

Are you thinking about spending two to three days in Kunming and not sure yet what to do? We had a look around and put together our own list of Top 10 sites in and around our city. Get an overview of what to do and visit!

Olaf Malden
posted on Monday, November 23rd at 20:25

Yunnan is a hilly and mountainous area. We provide an overview of 10 different mountain treks in Kunming Prefecture. Especially during autumn when it's mostly sunny but not too warm anymore, hiking up to peaks and enjoying great outlooks are highly recommended!

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, November 20th at 00:48

It's autumn season in Yunnan, which means a lot of sunshine and amazing sunrises and sunsets all over the province. Explore the most colorful destinations in Yunnan with amazing views and landscapes. And don’t forget to bring your camera!

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