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Yunnan Food Not To Be Missed

When Yunnan is visited, you won't be able to get around the amazing and manifold Yunnan Cuisine. As diversified as Yunnan's geography and population, as colorful and multifaceted are the dishes you can eat. Yunnan Province has by far the greatest variety of food to offer!

Below, we list some of the more popular Yunnan food and very characteristic delicacies. The Yunnan Cuisine - also known as Dian Cuisine - is basically a combination of three greater regional features and can be roughly classified as follows:


Food of northern Yunnan: the area is bordering Sichuan, the way food is prepared here, is quite similar to our neighboring province: hot and spicy. Furthermore the Tibetan influence in the northwest is very much present.

Salmon 丽江三文鱼 Preserved Pork Ribs 腊排骨 Lijiang Baba  丽江粑粑


Tibetan Butter Tea 酥油茶 Roasted barley flour 糌粑 Pipa Meat 琵琶肉


Western and southwestern Yunnan is famous for its minority cuisine due to its proximity to Myanmar and Laos. Being the home of numerous ethnic minorities, the influence to food of the Hui, Bai, and Dai is very big. Refreshing, spicy, sometimes sour! 

Three-course Tea 三道茶 Dairy Fan 乳扇 Rice Noodles with Pork Stew 粑肉饵丝


Lemongrass Roasted Fish 香茅草烤鱼 Rice in Pineapple 菠萝饭 Fried Moss 油炸青苔


Southern & eastern Yunnan with its mild climate, abundant rainfall and rich natural resources creates another interesting food background. It is actually the principal part of Yunnan Cuisine, the taste of steamed, cooked and grilled food ranges from mild to spicy.

Cross-the-bridge Rice Noodles 过桥米线 Roasted Tofu 烧豆腐 Rice Noodles with Spiced Chicken 卤鸡米线


Steam Pot Chicken        汽锅鸡  Tofu Pudding & Rice Noodles   豆花米线 Red Oil Termite Mushroom  红油鸡枞


Zhanyi Spicy Chicken 沾益辣子鸡 Pickled Leek Flowers 曲靖韭菜花 Roasted Rice Cake 烧饵块


Feeling hungry already? If of interest, learn more about Yunnan food here, let us take you on an authentic Culinary Yunnan Tour and never hesitate contacting us should you have any questions or comments!