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Yunnan Extreme!

Yunnan is famous for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate - perfect for holiday and relaxation. But it's also getting famous for something completely different. Have you ever heard of 100k ultra marathons at elevations of over 3800 meters and other unique running events? Together with our partners at UTRMA (Ultra Trail Run Marathon Alliance) we combine local marathons and other runs with some days of traveling in China's most beautiful province!

Started in 2014 with the goal of not only visiting but also challenging Yunnan's special landscapes by running, the sport events got more and more popular and in the meanwhile attract up to 500 people from all over the world. Building on that success, UTRMA arranged and is arranging six unique running events in 2016, five in Yunnan and one at The Great Wall in China's north.




Upcoming racing events in 2016:


Kunming Golden Temple Marathon

When: Saturday 24th September 2016 08:30am

Where: Golden Temple, Kunming, Yunnan  


  • 5k - Short Distance 1
  • 10k - Short Distance 2
  • 30k - Half Marathon
  • 50k - Full Marathon 


Puzhehei Marathon

When: Saturday 29th October 2016, 7am

Where: Puzhehei Scenic Area, southeast Yunnan


  • 6.8k - Short Distance 1
  • 12k - Short Distance 2
  • 28k - Half Marathon
  • 55k - Full Marathon 


Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Potatso 168

When: Autumn 2016

Where: Pudacuo National Park, Shangri-La, northern Yunnan


  • 168 km Ultra Long Distance


Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Tiger Leaping Gorge

When: Autumn 2016

Where: Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-La, northwest Yunnan


  • Details to be announced


A further running event is currently planned for December 2016 in Yunnan's subtropical county of Xishuangbanna, we will keep you posted!

If you are interested in the above races, you can register here! For further support please don’t hesitate contacting us!

The participants of the races can combine these with one of our tours to Yuanyang, a complete Yunnan Tour or various Join-In-Group Tours all over China or any other tour arrangements.


Past Races of 2016


Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Trail Marathon

When: 26.March 2016

Where: Yuanyang Rice Terraces Scenic Area, Honghe Prefecture


  • 15k - Short Distance
  • 21k - Half Marathon
  • 42k - Full Marathon 


The Great Wall International Marathon 

When: 15.May 2016

Where: The Great Wall, Badaling Section Scenic Area, northern Beijing


  • 5k - Short Distance 1
  • 10k - Short Distance 2
  • 26k - Long Distance
  • 42k - Marathon


Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Meili 100

When: 21.May 2016

Where: Meili Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Deqin, northern Yunnan


  • 24k - Half Marathon
  • 45k - Full Marathon
  • 55k - Long Distance Marathon
  • 100k - Ultimate Trail Marathon


For any more information visit or contact us directly, we are happy helping out!