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Your Yunnan Tour Planner

Your next holiday is definitely approaching soon, isn't it? If you consider visiting Yunnan and Southwest China, have a look at our small Yunnan tour planner. What is important to know? What shouldn't be left at home and what kind of tour and travel services are suitable for you?
Yes, it's true - Yunnan is special! With its beauty and diversity, Yunnan Province is situated between the Tibetan Highlands and the tropical landscapes of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. It’s not only famous for its geographical varieties but also home to numerous ethnic minorities with its well-preserved ancient customs, colorful dresses and manifold cuisine.
We at Wonders Of Yunnan Travel would be happy providing you our best recommendations for your Yunnan trip!


When to start planning?

Of course, the longer your tour, the more extensive the planning will be, from your side but also from our side. If your trip will last for a week or more, we recommend to get in touch about 1-2 months prior to tour start. Like this, we have enough time to go through with you all travel options like itinerarieshotels and transportation, discuss possible destinations and settle more difficult matters without being short of time (e.g. a trip to neighbouring Tibet).

When to go where in Yunnan?

An important question! Yunnan's diverse landscape makes a visit possible and interesting all year round. This doesn't mean though that all destinations in Yunnan can be visited all year round. While this is doable for Kunming, Dali, and Lijiang for instance, it would be better to visit Shangri-La only from spring to autumn to prevent severe cold and icy roads at an elevation of nearly 3300 meters. Likewise, subtropical Xishuangbanna is best during the dry winter season. The Yuanyang Rice Terraces again are best when filled with water after the harvest, which is between autumn and spring.
Our Yunnan Guide provides extensive information on highlights, climate, maps and other interesting and useful travel information.

Why book your trip with a tour operator?

While China is a great country to travel to, it can be troublesome if you are not familiar with the language, don't understand local customs or have difficulties orientating. While this particulary is seen as an experience and challange for many tourists, especially for visitors with only limited time it makes sense to plan a tour upfront. Every travaller has different requirements and expectations of how to travel. We have specialized on customizing itineraries and travel services according to our guests' wishes. Whether you need support for your extensive 2-week China tour or only need a train ticket from Chengdu to Lhasa, let us know.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Yunnan anytime, feel free contacting us! We’d be happy arranging a tour for you and giving our best recommendations.


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