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Travel with The Wonders of Yunnan in 2020

The pandemic situation is gradually getting better and better. Since the recovery of cross-province travel in China, friends can't manage their desires to go travel. With the opening of scenic areas, the enthusiasm of tourists  can't be hidden. An ancient saying goes, "Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles", modern people say: "body and soul, there must be one on the road", so it is time to come to Yunnan for a pleasant journey!

In July, we welcomed our first international friends with their customized tours.


Lovely girls from the United States, they are YK PAO's foreign teachers in Shanghai. Everyone is full of energy.


Family from Switzerland, the Ely couple, and their cute babies. The little girl climbed Western Hills by herself.

Energetic girls from Italy and other no photos superstars. 

Do you want to know their reviews of traveling in Yunnan? Please see the real guest feedback below:


We can get some information from these pictures. If you would like to travel and get close with the beautiful nature, please contact us: Our travel consultants and tour designers are very professional. They spend lots of time to learn about the details of Yunnan tourism resources to make sure that they can provide you an unforgettable journey in Yunnan. We are ready to welcome you.

Some might have these concerns: is it safe to travel to Yunnan now? What kind of essential documents do we need to prepare in advance? Don’t worry, here are our suggestions:

Before Tour

Until now, it is safe to travel to Yunnan. Before your trip, please prepare your passport, enough mask, Yunnan Green Health Code, and Pandemic Prevention and Control Procedure Card. We also suggest you to take your passport no matter where you go, in case of an emergency during traveling.

You can prepare Yunnan Green Health Code and Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedure Card in advance when you take flight or high speed train. This can help you save some time.

Now let's see how to prepare the Yunnan Health Code (Green code) and Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedure Card.

Yunnan Health Code


Method 1: Scan above QR code to fill in.

Method 2:  Search the "Yunnan Health Code – 云南健康码" from the WeChat applet then click the "Personal Health Code Declaration and Display Button – 个人健康码申报和展示" to fill in. (please see above sketch map)

Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedure Card

Method 1: Scan the above QR code and fill in your phone number then get verification to finish registration.

Method 2: Search the "The State Council – 国务院" from the WeChat applet then find "Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedure Card – 防疫行程卡" to fill in. (please see above sketch map)

Visitors who come from high-risk areas also need to prepare the proof of Covid-19 test in advance. You can check this official link in Chinese for live updates about covid-19 in China and which areas are high risk. If you need help, you also can send email to us and we will assist you to confirm.

Notes during the trip

Before the tour begin, you need to prepare the necessary clothing for the trip. Yunnan has a big temperature difference between morning and night, so a warm coat is a must. Secondly, shoes, a pair of comfortable sneakers will suffice for your travels in Yunnan. Thirdly, a raincoat or umbrella, which you can bring with you or buy locally, can be used during the rainy season (April to September). If the rainy season weather affects the tour, our team will make reasonable adjustments to the tour based on the weather conditions.

After tour

After the trip, go home and take good rest. Thanks for choosing travelling with us, welcome you next time!

For visiting Yunnan, where should you go? Most of you might want to cover all the famous spots. If it’s the first time you travel here, we would recommend the northwest route: Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La. Dali with Dali Ancient Town, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, Xizhou Old Town and Three Pagodas; Lijiang wtih Lijiang Ancient Town, Shuhe Old Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley; Shangri-La with Tiger Leaping Gorge, Pudacuo National Park, Dukezong Ancient Town, Sonzanlin Monastery, Napa Lake, Meili Snow Mountain, Yubeng and so on. According to your travel time and travel wishes, we can tailor make a perfect itinerary for you. If you have more time, hiking to Tiger Leaping Gorge and/or Yubeng is also worthy to experience.

If this is your second visit, especially you already visited Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La, we would suggest you to pay a visit to the southern Yunnan like historical Jianshui, Nature site Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Xishuangbanna with Dai minority culture.

Snake mountain in Kunming

Above are our classic itineraries which are also highly welcomed by customers. If you are interested in, you can look through our website ( Wonders of first. As long as you have any needs, you can contact us. Our professional consultants can customize a trip according to your wishes. I believe you can find a satisfied trip here.