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Tibet Faces Travel

We are proud to introduce our sister company Tibet Faces Travel to all our dear customers and followers!

Thanks to our solid experience in the Chinese inbound tourism industry, we are ready to expand our horizons and take our valued customers to one of the most dreamt-about destinations in the world: Tibet!

Who We Are

Tibet Faces is a professional Kunming (China) based tour operator specialised in private and join-in-group torus for individuals and groups in Tibet and adjacent regions in south-west China.

As sister company of Wonders Of Yunnan Travel, the only local travel company which is recommended by the Lonely Planet of 2013 and Le Guide du Routard, and ranked as the best company for Tours in Kunming on the world's largest travel site Tripadvisor, Tibet Faces is qualified to run the business for overseas tourists travelling to Tibet and the rest of China offering complete travel solutions, including tour packages, customized trips, transportation and transfers, hotel bookings, flight ticket bookings and visa services at competitive prices.

As one of the international branches of the well-established Travel Company KSCI Travel Co., Ltd., Tibet Faces can draw upon many years of experience in the Chinese travel market since 1981.

Our Team

Tibet Faces team consists of experienced tourism specialists who are customer-focused and have a passion for travels. The team works diligently behind the scenes and always makes sure to keep up with the latest trends and attractions in order to provide its clients with the latest information on all kinds of tours in China.

Our Mission

Many think of Tibet as an unreachable place for both its remoteness and its travel regulations, so planning a trip to Tibet can be quite confusing and time consuming. Tibet Faces will make it easier and more accessible for you!

Our mission is to present this very special part of Asia to travellers from all over the world, planning the right trip according to our customers' requirements and interests and making it unforgettable and stress-free.

Check out Tibet Faces (temporary) website to learn everything about our amazing tours to explore Tibet and don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions or inquiries.

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