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Three issues block your way to China?

Imagine you are talking with your mother:


Is it true?

Many people are discouraged by the heavy pollution, food safety and poor impression of toilets over the past in China, and it may prevent many travellers to explore the fascinating and authentic Chinese culture and enjoy the unique charm of China.

But if you come to Yunnan, you do not have to worry about this! We will show you some examples of great air quality, water quality, greenand organic food and clean and hygienic toilets in Yunnan.

Great air quality in Yunnan

More and more cities have been suffering from smog and polluted conditions, which has caused the more sensitive travellers to cancel their tourplans to what are actually great destinations. If you are planning a trip to Yunnan, but you are concerned about China’s air conditions, worry no more!

According to the report from Clearairasia, most of the cities in Yunnan Province enjoy a high-quality air condition, including its capital and most developed city, Kunming, PM2.5 measurements of Kunming are always around 50 or below.

Kunming, also known as “SpringCity", is famous for its moderate temperatures for most days and plenty of colourful flower blossoms all year round. There are several great destinations for photography around Kunming, such as the Stone Forest, Dongchuan Red Land,and Yuanyang Rice Terraces.   

Other popular destinations in Yunnan Province such as Shangri-La and Lijiang don’t even have PM2.5 records, because they have never actuallysuffered from air pollution.

Water quality in Yunnan

Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China has released the “List of Leading eco-friendlyand civilized Cities in China". Pu'er in Yunnan has also become a candidateand is the only city in Yunnan that ranked in the list.

Pu'er has long enjoyed the reputation as "the Pearl of the Green Sea" and "Natural Air Purifier", with superior ecological environment, unique regional advantages and abundant natural resources. The lakes and wetland parks that are scattered around Pu'er are like pieces of smooth round and translucent jade embedded in the land of Pu'er, which make the landscape even more splendid and full of "aura".

Besides Pu’er, the city government of Yunnan’s capital Kunming, has also announced that Dianchi Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the province and known as the “mother lake”,now reached the best water quality it has had in three decades.

Green and Organic Food in Yunnan

In China, the demand for "healthy food" isgrowing steadily. Not in the last place because of the numerous food scandals the country has seen over the past few years. Yunnan, as an important production area of agricultural products, is also becoming aware of the added value "green food" products can have.

Until July 2018, the production area of “healthy vegetables” reached around 9,350,000 hectares. Certificated as such were in total 316 local green products. 187 of those products received the “Green Vegetable Certificate” and 78 got the “Organic Vegetable Certificate”. (data supplied by

The Yunnan Green Foods brand’s news conference "Ecological, Safe, Yunnan Vegetables" took place in Kunming on December 11th, 2018. Nearly 70% of the vegetable products from Yunnan are sold to more than 150 cities in China as well as over 40 foreign countries.

Clean and Hygienic Toilets in Yunnan

In 2017, China’s National Tourism Administration issued a list of the cities that stood out in China’s Toilet Revolution. And quite a few Yunnan cities were among the list, including Kunming, Dali, Qujing, Honghe and Baoshan.

Nowadays in Yunnan, most of the cities can offer free clean and hygienic toilets, with a great ratio between squat and sitting toilets and men and women’s toilets, which can satisfy the needs of all types of travellers.

But still, most toilets in China are not equipped with toilet paper (thanks to toilet paper thieves, yes that is a thing), even in Yunnan. So, you’d better prepare and bring paper with you ifneeded.

We welcome you to Yunnan, China, to experience all the greatbenefits listed above. Below you can find our recommended Yunnan tours for yourreference. Let us know if you need further information or support, we are happyto help out! (Please scan the QR code in thepicture for more detailed information about the tours)

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