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Tengchong Getaway

Tengchong, one of China's famous geothermal scenic areas, hides abundant terrestrial heat. It lies in the county of Baoshan in western Yunnan and borders with Myanmar in the northwest. Tengchong is well known for its volcanic activity. There are a great many active hot springs, heated by underground volcanos. Some springs erupt from time to time as geysers. A popular activity here is to buy a set of 5 raw eggs woven into a straw nest, to boil them in an outdoor spring for a few minutes and then you can eat them. 
Tengchong hot springs have very good therapeutic effects on rheumatism, nerve damage, digestion problems, cardiovascular diseases, and dermatological problems. Many hotels and sanatoriums here are constructed in the hot spring area to offer visitors health-care and recreational services.


Besides the hot springs, you can also enjoy some major scenic wonders including Tengchong National Geological Park , Dieshuihe Waterfall, Wofo Temple, Heshun Old Town, and many other amazing places you can explore with our 22 Days Complete West Yunnan Tour.


Tengchong National Geological Park 

There are as many as 70 volcanos within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Tengchong County, and Tengchong was built on solidified lava. Volcanoes are densely distributed. Volcano Park has been established around Mazhan Village about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northwest of Tengchong.

Dieshuihe Waterfall

Dieshuihe Waterfall is part of Tengyue tourism culture garden and is one of the twelve scenic spots of Tengchong --Screen of Dragon Cave. The waterfalls are 46m high and they are the only volcano barrier waterfalls in China. Clusters of climbing plants and trees hang along the wall of the cliff. If you stand on the bridge and look down at the waterfalls, they look like the milky way flows down from the sky, sounding like great thunder, which tourists find soul-stirring.


Wofo Temple (Reclining Buddha Temple) 

Wofo Temple, which is located at the foot of Yunyang Mountain 16 kilometers (10 miles) north of the city proper, has the biggest jade Buddha in China. The temple was first built in 716 A.C. during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The main hall of the temple was built on a natural stone cave, and the 6 meter (20 feet) long jade Buddha together with many other sculptures area exhibited in the hall.


Heshun Old Town

Four kilometers from Tengchong county seat lies Heshun Old Town. It is situated on the old Horse-Tea road that runs trough Yunnan (You can still see a part of the old trail on the edge of town). Although the center of town is a bit crowded, there are still many interesting museums and temples to see. In the surrounding countryside you can find wetlands full of birds and beautiful yellow rapeseed fields and of course mountains and volcanoes. Local people are very friendly and will offer you local delicacies such as pine tree-flower-cake.

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