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Special 50% discount offers

Wonders of Yunnan now has some attractive deals to maximize your travel experience in Yunnan, so be sure to check these special offers!

Deal 1: Chinese Travel SIM Card

For travelers arriving in Kunming by air, we now have a special offer for the SIM cards that are being sold at the airport. Normally they cost 120 RMB / 19.20 USD, which means you have an unbeatable 100 GB to use. If you are picked up by our tour guide for your tour, we will give you a 50% discount on this SIM card and you will only pay 60 RMB / 9.60 USD per card.

If you don’t have enough time on the airport to buy this card, we also offer China Unicom’s traveler SIM packages which your tour guide can give you at the beginning of your tour. These cards are usable all over China with low domestic call rates and 4G data service. All SIM cards come with calling credit for messaging and outgoing calls, with a rate of ¥0.15/min and ¥0.10/SMS. Incoming calls and messages are free. After you used up your data plan, data cost ¥0.27/MB, but you can also refill your data plan and credit online. International calling is not included in these discount bundles but can be purchased separately, rates depend on the country. SIM cards are valid for 90 days after first use, but extensions are available. Be sure that your phone is not SIM locked.

In total 2 cards can be purchased with discount per tour. If you need more cards, we are happy to help you buy them for the normal price.

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Data Plan

Calling credit

Original Price


$ 10

1 GB

¥ 10

$ 20


$ 18

3 GB

¥ 10

$ 37


$ 36

6 GB

¥ 30

$ 72

Deal 2: Experience the best Yunnan shows

Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic minorities, and their folk songs and dances have been an inspiration for dance artist Yang Liping to create the award-winning “Spirit of the Peacock Dance”. Now she is famous all over China and even abroad for her exotic dance productions. One of her most acclaimed shows is “Dynamic Yunnan”, which has won over the hearts of many, and not few of our customers has said it was the best dance show they’ve ever seen!

Dynamic Yunnan VIP tickets

Dynamic Yunnan is a worldwide famous grand, ethnic dance musical that won several awards. It fuses beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition.

Deal 2.1: Get 50% discount on the VIP tickets for the Dynamic Yunnan Evening Show in Kunming, originally priced $72 now only $36! (2 discount tickets per group)

Sound of Yunnan VIP tickets

Yang Liping's new show is being performed in Lijiang and shows the charming music culture of Yunnan. The actors sing, dance, and play all music instruments themselves; a piece of leaf is used as a harmonica, a bamboo branch as a flute and flowers are blown like trumpets. 

Deal 2.2: Get 50% discount on the VIP tickets for The Sound of Yunnan in Lijiang, originally priced $59 now only $29! (2 discount tickets per group) 

Terms & Conditions for our special offers

  1. Only available for new bookings.
  2. Only one deal per tour and 2 of the same deal per tour. For example, you cannot get a SIM card and ticket for a show. But you can get either two SIM cards or tickets. Extra SIM cards and tickets can be bought at the standard Wonders of Yunnan price.
  3. The offers are subject to availability.
  4. Our special offers are only available for direct bookings. Not available when booking via our partners or via TripAdvisor or similar platforms etc.
  5. Not available for bookings for separate services (separate hotel, tickets, car or tour guide booking etc.)
  6. Only available for tours of 3 days and longer.
  7. The SIM card deals can only be purchased once per card. This means that the discount is not available for credit or data refill.
  8. Your SIM cards or tickets will be handed over to you by your tour guide.
  9. Tickets and cards cannot be exchanged for money.