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Shopping Malls in Kunming

We've been asked frequently by our guests to Kunming, where shopping is best. Yunnan's capital doesn’t have to fear comparison to other metropolitan areas throughout China. New buildings, plazas or even whole shopping areas have been created recently. A short overview where to spend your money: the biggest and the newest shopping malls of the town:


1. Shuncheng Shopping Mall 顺城购物中心

Add: 11, West Dongfeng Rd, Kunming 东风西路11


2. TKP Shopping Mall 同德昆明广场

Add: Beijing Rd / Baiyun Rd 北京路与白云路交叉口


3. Kunming Aegean Sea Shopping Park 昆明爱琴海购物公园

Add: 488, Guangfu Rd 广福路488号


4. Dadu Motian Shopping Mall 大都摩天购物中心 

Add: Erji Rd / North Caiyun Rd 珥季路与彩云北路交汇处


Shopping during your holiday - yes or no? Let us know what you prefer! We of course never include shopping stops if you don't like to. For more information get in touch with us directly.