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Road Trip to Southern Yunnan

Every now and then we make our way out of the office and check out the 'status' of the outside world. Regular research trips keep us up to date in terms of our offered travel services. Is the hotel still as nice as it was last year? How about the weekly street market? In what condition are the roads? What local customs do the locals have? 



This time, we arranged a research trip to Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan's south east, bordering Vietnam (check our maps for more details). The area is mainly famous for its UNESCO rated Yuanyang Rice Terraces but actually has way more to offer. As other areas in Yunnan, Honghe is home of numerous ethnic minorities as the Hani, Dai, Maio, Yao and many other. 

As a result, a new tour will be soon be available for our customers and guests to Yunnan. Further impressions can be found below. Please contact us for further information on this beautiful part of Yunnan!


A typical village street in Hong He

Market day in Lüchun

On the way to Jinping

Tea plantations close to the Vietnamese border

Enjoying the view from a temple


Fresh fruits and other delicious things on a market near Yuanyang