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Rapeseed Blossom in Luoping

It's Spring Festival soon in China (Jan.27 - Feb.02) and after that, the rapeseed flowers in Luoping (Yunnan's east) gradually start to bloom. As every year, this is a perfect opportunity for photography enthusiasts, getting a glimpse of Yunnan's colorful countryside during this short period of time. Luoping County is home to one of the largest plantations of rapeseed flowers (Canola) in Southwest China. Fields covered with golden rape stretch as far as the eye can see and form seas of yellow buds. Combined with a unique terrain dominated by a fascinating karst landscape with small basins among mountain ranges, the place boasts very unique landscape features. On top of that, majestic waterfalls can be found in the area. All of this makes Luoping a very attractive destination for traveling. 

Every February and March, the flowers in the basin of Luoping are in full bloom. Looking far, golden and yellow colors stretch to the horizon while standing in a huge natural garden. This unique landscape and beautiful colors are also the reason for the yearly Canola Flower Festival, taking place during this time of the year.


Main Photography Spots:

Golden Rooster Hill (Jinjiling金鸡岭) 

Jinjiling offers an excellent and expansive view of the fields and hills in north-south direction. Standing on the hill in the morning, watching the white dew slowly disappearing and uncover the golden sea of flowers and the hills around jut out as islands, is an astonishing moment.


Hundred Thousand Hills (Shiwan Dashan十万大山):

 It is specifically interesting for photography enthusiasts: the hilly terrain offers endless photo shooting options!


Luositian (螺丝田):

Here, the rapeseed fields are arranged along the hilly surroundings, making the blooming fields looks like arenas or screw threads.


Wonders Of Yunnan Travel offers guided photography tours to Luoping every spring. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about this special destination, we are always happy supporting and organizing such tours and services for you.