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Kunming Plum Blossom Exhibition

It is a winter highlight for many in Kunming: the 2-month Plum Blossom Exhibition which is highlighted by elegant plum blossoms and wintersweet that begin to bloom from December to following February.



This event has been arranged with 6 sets of plum-related Chinese garden sculptures, demonstrating the special plum culture of China. The Black Dragon Pool Park has established a 0.7-hectare dedicated garden with nearly a hundred plants and more than 10 species of wintersweet (calyx canthus) which has the similar florescence with beautiful plum blossoms. Based on the ancient plum trees of the Tang Dynasty (608-907), the Park has also set up a 350-hactare plum plantation area, with more than 13000 grounded plants and 4000 bonsais, making the park one of the Top 10 Plum Gardens in China and the largest of its kind in Southwest China.




  • Place: Black Dragon Pool Park, Kunming
  • Date: 16 December 2015 - 28 February 2016
  • Admission fee: 20 RMB
  • How to get there: The Black Dragon Pool Park (黑龙潭 - Hei Long Tan) is 13 km north of Kunming's city center. Public buses No. 9, 79, 128 and 249 will take you directly to the entrance gate. Also, metro line No. 2, stop at Longtou Street from where you can transfer to public bus No. 9, 79, 249.