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Not Enough Days in Dali - Chapter One

D is for Delicious, Delightful Dali – a premier ancient town in Yunnan.  I spent only 3 days in and around Dali – just enough to see the highlights and not enough to dally in Dali.  This is what greeted me after a day of travel by train from Kunming!

And it just got better and better.

This Chongsheng Temple, with three iconic pagodas, is actually outside the ancient city, but they feature in the reason tourists flock to Dali and they do not disappoint!  Everything about this massive temple complex is elegant and awe-inspiring.



But back to the walled, ancient city of Dali – not to be confused with modern, industrial Dali where the train station is –  about 15 kms away…  Dali Old Town is particularly big and bodacious. Great efforts have been made to blend old and new, to showcase history and culture, to balance mosques and temples, to counter tourists with busy Dali dwellers.

Up and down the main walking street, beautiful images and things to take home.


Up and down the cross streets – bubbling streams with stone walkways and Starbucks.

Out on the main road, some interesting vehicular choices!  I was envious of the Jeeps getting ready to go off-roading.

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