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New Airport Opened at Lugu Lake

Construction of Ninglang Lugu Lake Airport (宁蒗泸沽湖机场) has finished, and the airport was put into operation in October 2015. It is now serving Ninglang Yi Autonomous County and Lugu Lake (泸沽湖). Before, the area was only reachable by road from Lijiang, taking up to 8 hours.

Lugu Lake Airport is defined as a small airport of domestic tourist branch lines. Some facts to the new airport:

  • It is situated at Shifo Mountain, Hongqiao township, Ninglang County, about 200km to the northeast of Lijiang Old Town.
  • The site has an elevation of 3265 meters and is located about 25km from Lugu Lake.
  • Up to now, Kunming is the airport’s only flight destination.
  • The annual passenger throughput in the recent future (by 2020) will be approximately 485,000 persons (preliminary forecast of the air traffic).
  • The airport's 3 letter code is NLH.


Airline Schedule NLH / KMG


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Kunming – Lugu Lake


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun




Lugu Lake - Kunming


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun