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Kunming’s Traditional Food

When you travel to Yunnan, food shall always be an important part of your trip. Kunming, as the capital city of Yunnan, is not only beautifully located but has some very good and special dishes to offer. Find here some local delicacy you wouldn't want to miss when visiting Kunming. Enjoy!


Xiaoguo Rice Noodles (小锅米线)

Often considered as one of the most famous and popular dishes, rice noodles (Mixian - 米线) in general have a long tradition all over Yunnan - it is one of the staple foods of local people. There are all kinds of different ways to cook Mixian, the Xiaoguo Rice Noodle dish is one of them. It is cooked in a little copper pot, hence the name Xiaoguo 小锅, meaning little pot. The soup is the key part for the special taste and may include peppers, some vegetables and meat. The variation of the ingredients is almost endless though. In Kunming, restaurants offering Xiaoguo Rice Noodles are abundand, give it a try!


Rice Cake or Erkuai (饵块)

Erkuai is another unique speciality of Kunming. The small roasted 'pancakes' are also made out of rice, are appetisingly soft and usually eaten with a sweet or spicy sauce as well as some grated potatoes. Sometimes the rice cakes are wrapped around some meat and veggies. As a popular breakfast in Kunming, locals also describe it at the Kunming Sandwich. A great starter for the day!


The Guandu Baba (官渡粑粑)

Guandu Ancient Town gave this flat bread its name. Coming from Kunming's southeast, Guandu Baba is a further famous Kunming snack. It is made with flour and baked in a traditional oven over fire. It is often made with some peanuts, walnuts and sesame, making it taste a bit sweet. The best and most traditional Baba can of course  be bought directly in Guandu's beautiful old town, where a special shop with a long baking tradition can be found. Usually it has a lot of people queueing up in front of it so it is easy to find...:)


Any special food wishes for your Kunming City Tour? Find out more about good food in Yunnan, have a look at our Yunnan Culinary Tour and check out what else is good to eat when visiting southwest China. Let us know if we can be of any support and we'll be happy customizing your stay in Yunnan!