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Kunming's Lively Brewpubs

Small private craft breweries have become more and more popular all over China and of course also Kunming happens to be one of the cities with an increasing number of popular brewpubs, offereing a wide variety of fresh brews. Check out below our list of Kunming breweries to get an overview. Of course, all mentioned brewpubs also offer food.


1. Uncle John’s Brew Pub / 约翰叔叔精酿啤酒屋

Address: Xinfa Road 28, Panlong District / 盘龙区小坝新发路28号)

Contact Info: (0871)-65733936


2. Humdinger Brewpub / 玩啤西餐吧

Address: Zhengyi Road 111, Wuhua District / 五华区正义路111号 

Contact Info: (0871)-63601611


3. Valhalla Craft Brewery / 哇哈啦啤酒厂

Address: Puji Road 47, inside M60 Cultur Park 18 D, Wuhua District 五华区普吉路47号秘境M60文化创意园18D

Contact Info: 187-8744-4489


4. Yun Brewing / 云酿

Address: Crossing of Hongshan West Road & Kunjian Road, Wuhua District / 五华区虹山西路/昆建路

Contact Info: (0871)-65311927


5. Beer Bug / 啤酒虫

Address: 86, inside of Institute of Metallurgy, North Yuantong, Kunming / 昆明市圆通北路86号冶金研究所内

Contact Info: (0871)-67175929 / 13518795301

Interested? Have a taste and include a visit to one of Kunming's breweries during your stay in Kunming. You can let us know your tour preferences here. Any questions? Let us know!