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Kunming During Chunjie

This year's Spring Festival is over. As always, millions of people left the large cities and traveled back to their home towns, to remote villages or also abroad. What's being left behind are closed shops, empty roads and calm. In Kunming, this phenomenon of course also takes place. We carried together some impressions.


Sugar cane is an important sweet to have on new year's eve. Accordingly the markets are filled with it.


Actually, the markets are more or less the only places in town which still offer goods on the last day of the lunar year. Good for people who still have to  prepare for the upcoming feast.

All other shops are closed and will remain closed for at least a couple of days if not a couple of weeks.


The city is deserted but nicely decorated!


If there weren't the fireworks and crackers it would be completely quiet.


Which doesn't prevent other relaxed inhabitants of the city enjoying the first warm spring days in Kunming!


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