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Kunming Airport Shuttle - Part 2

We reported about the airport shuttle buses the other day. Since the beginning of 2016, twelve of their bus stations provide self-service check-in counters for booked flights departing from Kunming Changshui International Airport. You can receive your boarding pass at one of the stations first and skip the procedure at the airport.


The twelve self-service check-in stations have been set up at the following Airport Express stops:

  • Nanjiang Hotel (West Inn at Xiaoximen)
  • Ziteng Hotel (Xinying Residential Quarter)
  • Jinjiang Hotel (Beijing Road)
  • Kunming Railway Station
  • Jialuda Hotel (Southern Ring Road)
  • Nanyao Jewelry Market (Nanyao Hotel)
  • Kunming Hotel (Dongfeng East Road)
  • Kunming Western Bus Terminal
  • Wujiaba Station (Kunming's former airport)
  • Zhongyu Hotel (Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Centre)
  • Kunming Southern Bus Terminal (Luosiwan Trade Town)
  • Expo Garden Hotel (Kunming Horti-Culture Expo Garden)

Customers who have purchased flight tickets (except Spring Airlines and China United Airlines) can check in at one of these stations. For further related information please call the shuttle bus company's service hotline at 0871-67088999 or contact us directly.

What's so great about this service?
First of all, you don't need to queue the line at the airline counter in the departure hall. Second, it may happen that people are in a rush and don't want to miss the cut-off-time for check-ins. So just get your bording pass already on the way to the airport. Upon arrival the airport company has dedicated security check-in gates: No. 18-21.

And what about the luggage check-in?
After checking in and getting the boarding passes on the way to the airport, passengers can proceed with the luggage check-in at following airport counters: 

For domestic flights (except China Eastern Airlines): counters D09 and D10
For all China Eastern Airlines flights: counters: F11 - F20

Don't like to communicate with ticket machines and electronic devices and would prefer a private transfers from or to Kunming Airport with real friendly humans? Please check our Transfers & Transportation for more information and let us know what we can do for you!