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Kunming Airport Pickup Guidelines

Many of our guests to Yunnan arrive via plane at Kunming Changshui International Airport before enjoying their stay in China's south-west. The airport is pretty big, so to ensure a smooth pickup by our drivers and tour guides, we list here how it works best and you won't get lost.


Once exiting the luggage claim area and customs, you have the choice of using three different Arrival Exits for domestic flights as well as one Arrival Exit for international arrivals. You will then enter the arrival hall with four different exits to leave the airport. Our driver or tour guide will await you at one of these, at Exit No. 3.


The information post of Exit 3 is well visible in the arrival hall. You'll be awaited here with a name board.

Should nevertheless problems occur finding each other for whatever reason, please do not cancel the pick-up services and just take a taxi or bus to town. Please contact us first to solve the problem, otherwise we cannot refund any pickup fees.

You can contact the phone number provided in advance (driver or tour guide) or might as well call our office or your travel consultant directly, we will be happy to help you out. If you don't have your own Chinese SIM card yet and/or can't/don't want to use your foreign card, you can also use a free phone & intenet service at one of several public telephones in the arrival hall. With these, it's possible making free local phone calls for 3 minutes per call and use the internet for about 10 minutes.


We look forward welcoming you to Yunnan!