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Guide for Domestic Flights

Traveling by plane can be the fastest and often also easiest way to connect two different destinations, especially when visiting such a huge country as China. Here, we list some essentials, of which we think they are important to know when booking domestic flights


   Check-in Time

According to official regulations, the boarding pass should be received latest 45 minutes prior to the plane's departure and airplane gates will close latest 20 minutes before take-off. In most big cities in China, the airports are located quite far outside of the city, some even are located in the neighboring counties. It is recommended to arrive at the respective airport about 1.5 to 2 hours beofre departure time. So actually the same time as everywhere.


   Schedule Delay

With the rising number of flight passangers and airplanes in the sky, flight delays and schedule changes are more likely to happen. This is especially notable for afternoon and evening flights. Note that - other than on international flights -  not all companies arrange compensation meals and accommodation for affected passengers, especially if the reason for the delay is due to bad weather, any kind of emergencies or air traffic control decisions.



Most of the rules for handling of luggage on domestic flights are similar to international flights and vary a little bit from airline to airline. Here are some notable differences:

  • Lucky Air for instance only allows a limited weight of check-in luggage (varies from flight to flight), for exceeding weight, extra fees apply
  • The battery capacity of charging devices (mobile power pack) should be limited to under 20,000 Wh
  • Containers with more than 1 liter of liquide must be kept it in the check-in luggage
  • The smart phone Samsung Note 7 is forbidden to be taken onto the plane


   Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees are always included in the ticket price. Passengers booking domestic flights are automatically charged RMB 50 per ticket.


Air fares and ticket prices change constantly. We as a China based tour operator have contingents with special discounts available. So, if you cannot find what you want on the web and want to compare services more precisely please contact us directly for discounted flights wihtin China! Beyond ticketing, we provide airport pick-up and drop-off services. Let us know what we can do for you!