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Goodbye, Olaf!

To our great regret, last month we said goodbye to our long-time colleague Olaf Malden, who decided to leave the country for good.

Olaf arrived in China about four years ago and chose Kunming as his home in the Middle Kingdom.

Passionate traveller and experienced manager, Olaf joined Wonders of Yunnan Travel in 2013, when the company only counted few employees.

In his position as executive manager, Olaf made great contributions to the company, which has grown significantly in the past years.

Known around the office for his work ethic and commitment, Olaf helped us develop efficient work methods and problem solving skills, always inspiring and motivating us to reach higher goals.

Thanks to his dedication and patience, we've all learnt a lot from him and we're extremely grateful for this!

On this occasion, Wonders of Yunnan threw a farewell party for our dear colleague.

There was a lot of food, including Olaf's signature roasted mushrooms with cheese; we had locally brewed beers; there were fun games and activities organised by some coworkers; there were gifts and farewell speeches too; and it all ended with a delicious Chinese feast, of course!

We at Wonders of Yunnan want to thank you again and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Olaf!