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Elevations of Yunnan

With an average elevation of around 2000 meters above sea level, Yunnan features huge differences in altitude: while Yunnan's north borders Tibet and the Eastern Himalayas (up to 6740 m), the subtropical landscapes of the south are not higher than 100 meters. As a plateau and mountainous province, Yunnan belongs to the southward extension part of the Tibetan Plateau.



A local saying goes Four seasons can be found along the same mountain slope and different weather conditions can be witnessed over a short distance of 10 li (about 5 km). The climate in Yunnan is vertically diversified and its unique and special topography provides the province with a rich variety of plants. No wonder, Yunnan is also called the Kingdom of Plants, Hometown of Spices, the Natural Garden or the Treasure-house of Medicinal Herbs.



Below a list of selected Yunnan cities with respective altitute in meters (A-Z):


City Elevation City Elevation
Baoshan 1653 m Luxi 1704 m
Chuxiong 1772 m Mengding 511 m
Dali 1990 m Nujiang 1100 m
Dehong 1000 m Pu’er 1302 m
Deqin 3485 m Qujing 1898 m
Gongshan 1591 m Ruili 776 m
Honghe 2000 m Shangri-La 3276 m
Huaping 1244 m Tengchong 1654 m
Huize 2109 m Weixi 2325 m
Jingdong 1162 m Wenshan 1590 m
Kunming 1891 m Xishuangbanna 552 m
Lancang 1054 m Yiliang 1532 m
Lijiang 2393 m Yuanmou 1120 m
Lincang 1502 m Yuxi 1636 m
Lushui 1804 m Zhaotong 1949 m


Every traveler to Yunnan shall be aware that altitude sickness can occur at some destinations. Lijiang, Shangri-La and Deqin, as popular visiting spots, shall specifically be mentioned. Wonders Of Yunnan Travel suggests starting a Yunnan Tour from a relatively low place and gradually 'climb up' for having enough time adapting to the higher altitudes.


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