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Eat like a local

When in Kunming, forget about fancy restaurants and try local delicacies found in markets.

1. “Yunnan Tianbai Jiu”, a fermented dish made of sticky rice, the finished product consists of soup and rice. The broth is the earliest stage of fermented alcohol, its sweet flavor is suitable for women. Yunnan people like to cook glutinous rice balls with it.

2. "Marinated Chicken Feet" - an uncommon dish in the West. It’s a kind of pickle – the cooked chicken feet are kept in a special soup with ingredients to marinate. It’s served cold and crispy, perfect for the summer hot weather.

3. “Yiliang roasted duck” – everyone knows the Beijing roasted dusk, but the recipe from Yunnan is just as delicious. The Yiliang roasted duck is not cut into pieces, it’s kept in one integral piece covered in skin. This dish is not matched with cucumbers, fried pancakes and sweet fermented flour sauce like in Beijing, it has its own special sweet and salty marinade sauce with shallots, sprinkled with pepper and salt.

Finally, there are various kinds of vegetables here. Western tourists say that Yunnan is a vegetarian's paradise since it’s easy to find a multitude of green organic vegetables all year round.



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