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Do I Need a Tour Guide?

Having specialized on customized tours in Yunnan and China, we of course also offer certified tour guide services to our guests. While some travelers prefer to travel without, the majority of our customers chooses to be accompanied by a guide, and if it's for language purposes only. Of course, this makes the tour more costly and every person has to decide the question individually whether the added value to one's tour is necessary. Below some guidelines.


Why book tour guide services for your Yunnan tour?

Your tour guide is...

  • your personal interpreter. He or she is at least fluent in English and Chinese, sometimes even in local dialects. So your guide enables you to get in touch and communicate with locals without any difficulties.
  • your useful trip advisor. When travelling to yet unknown places, you are often asked to "just" do as the locals do. Sounds easy, but it might get difficult. Just ask your tour guide for advice, saves you precious travel time and sometimes even prevents you from embarrassing situations.
  • your storyteller. So many places have interesting backgrounds and stories, especially in Yunnan with its long culture and a big variety of ethnic minorities. An experienced local tour guide helps understanding and exploring such details - often much better than any guide book.
  • of course also your personal connoisseur of local cuisine. Get the latest recommendations on local restaurants, find out what's hidden in that tasty bun and get help while ordering your preferred meal.
  • a local expert and your private troubleshooter. Whether it's for security, an open ear for any concerns or just the weather: with a tour guide’s help, you will be better off.


If you have booked a tour guide, take advantage of the situation!

We recommend to be...

  • straight-forward. Tell him or her about what you like and rather don't want to experience. Like this, your guide can fully focus on your personal needs, for instance find the proper photography spots, order food without chilly, rather walk than drive and so on. Anything not as you expected?  Mention it right away so it can be taken care of!
  • curious! Ask all the questions you might have about the destination(s) you are visiting. Your tour guide is always happy to answer them, make sure you don't go home without that new knowledge.


If you decide to travel without a tour guide, what's important to know?

Make sure...

  • that at least basic communication is possible. If you have hired a driver with vehilce, note that these are only able to speak Chinese or a local dialect (otherwise they would most likely become tour guides as well:)
  • that you are roughly familiar with the places you are planning to visit in advance. Don't get lost in the maze of Yunnan's old towns! Often drivers can only wait for you outside specific scenic spots as vehicles are not allowed to enter.
  • you don't spend more money on overpriced souvenirs and food at touristic destinations than for a tour guide. Remember to bargain where necessary but at the same time stay reasonable!
  • you write down our 24/7 English speaking hotline before you deepdive into Yunnan's culture on your own. Our office staff is there for you in case of emergency.


Get to know our team of tour guides and let us know if you have any questions! Happy to support you during your Yunnan tour.