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Cycling Around Fuxian Lake

After an endless rainy season, the beginning of autumn has finally brought pleasant warm temperatures and blue skies. It's time to enjoy the famous “Spring City” weather and the many outdoor activities that the city and its surroundings have to offer.

Located about 70 km from Kunming, Fuxian Lake is a popular weekend destination for people from Kunming. It is known not only for being the deepest freshwater lake in China, but also for its crystal clear water, that locals still use directly as drinking water. Quite an unusual fact in one of the most polluted countries in the world!

The nearest town to the lake is Chengjiang, located at the northern end of the lake. Getting there from Kunming is pretty easy and it takes less than two hours: buses to Chengjiang depart from Kunming South Bus Station every 30 minutes and arrive at Chengjiang bus terminal, about 4 kilometres from the lake. Here you can either catch a local bus heading south, get a cab or rent a bicycle.

Cycling around the lake is quite popular; once you arrive in Chengjiang you will easily spot different bike rental shops, where you can get a bicycle for about 60-80 yuan (plus few hundreds deposit).

If you decide to cycle around Fuxian Lake, a minimum of two days with one overnight stay is recommended. Although the whole cycle is about 90 kilometres long, doable in one day, we still suggest to spend some more time there to fully enjoy the stunning views, fresh fish from the lake and, why not, even take a dip in the (very) cold water.

After heading south from Chengjiang, most cyclists go round the lake clock-wise. Along the lake you will pass by several small fishing villages, some of which have little beaches, cozy guesthouses and restaurants, but also some bigger and uglier resorts, newly built to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

There are different options to spend the night at Fuxian Lake: several family-run guesthouses where you can get a room for as little as 80 yuan and delicious home-cooked food, fancy resorts or, for the most adventurous, camping.

If you prefer to sleep under the stars lulled by the relaxing sound of water, make sure to choose your spot carefully. In fact, camping around the lake is quite restricted, but there are some areas with no evident signs prohibiting camping.

If you want to cool down in one of Yunnan's nicest lakes, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange your autumn getaway for you!