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Choose Registered Travel Services

China and especially Yunnan has recently been confronted with more and more illegal travel services, offered by people pretending to run travel companies or by former tour guides arranging inofficial tours. As a legal tour operator, we put great importance on legal quality services and would like to point out some basic guidelines when booking a tour.

Our customers of course compare offers they receive and also sometimes ask why our travel services are more costly than other travel offers. As a legal company, Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is obliged to officially register and insure all its tours and services (see below for further details).


1. Quality Level

There are definitely a couple of unregistered ‘travel agents’ and uninsured vehicles in the market, which are actually not allowed to drive for commercial or tourist purposes. Please understand that for the sake of constantly high quality and our so far very good reputation throughout the Chinese travel market, we don’t want to work together with unregistered travel suppliers just for a lower price.


2. Legal & Professional Travel Services

Wonders of Yunnan Travel (WOY) is a professional Kunming based tour operator specialized on tailor-made tours for individuals and groups in Yunnan and adjacent regions in Southwest China. Our team of travel experts - whether in the office or with our guests on the tours - is doing the utmost to support our customers before, during and after their tour. For travelers' convenience, we for instance offer a free 24/7 English speaking customer service during the trips. Our company is licensed and you can come and visit us in our Kunming office. As the international travel branch of the well-established Travel Company KSCI Travel Co. Ltd., WOY can draw upon many years of experience in the Chinese travel market since 1981.


3. Registered & Insured Tours

Each and every tour that we perform is always registered as it is required by Chinese tourism law. We therefore ask our guests to provide specific passport details, which we then put into an online tour-registration-platform. Also, legal tour operators are all obliged to contract a basic insurance for booked travel services.


4. No Rip-Offs, No Hidden Costs, No Forced Shopping!

As a reputable travel service provider, we cannot and won't afford to ruin our good reputation with shady and dubious businesses. Also, as long as we're not asked explicitly by our customers, we won't include any shopping in our tours. We consider it as unfriendly and not fair bringing guests to places where they don't want to go. We are preparing customized itineraries for all of our guests and they are exactly put together according YOUR wishes and requests. So, all of our personalized and tailor-made itineraries contain an overall price and state every single cost detail in an Included / Excluded list. You can be sure that there is nothing more to pay you haven't been informed about before and that the tour or service chosen doesn't entail any hidden costs.


If you have any questions and/or comments to registration processes and legal tours in Yunnan, please don’t hesitate contacting us, happy to help out. We are wishing you always safe travels in Yunnan and beyond!